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Akademgorodok— it is Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences and independent part of Novosibirsk city. Created in the 50-es it became one of the centers as scientific thinking as all progressive in the former USSR. The First Beauty Contest was held exactly here. There was the only concert of the bard – Alexander Galich. Spirit of freethinking and democracy is still here. The age-old pines are growing in the yards of ordinary houses. This image of Akademgorodok is inimitable and unforgettable for a long time.

Scientific Research Center is located just 20 kilometers to South of Novosibirsk city and is a part of Sovetsky area. Akademgorodok is situated on a picturesque right shore of the Ob sea and it is one of the important educational and scientific Centers of Novosibirsk and whole Russia.

There are many sights of interest in Akademgorodok. They will be interesting as for our guests and visitors, as for scientists. Among them: the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography, the Museum of the Sun, the Geological Museum, the Siberian Botanical Garden, Novosibirsk Museum of Railway Equipment (or the Museum of Steam locomotives).
The Museum of Archeology and Ethnography contains about 810 thousand different exhibits, among them there are expositions is of the main and additional funds. Permanent expositions occupy 10 large halls. The total area of the museum is about 350 square meters. Archeological exhibits of the Museum include the Paleolithic and Middle Ages epochs. You can find here: bone products of labor (axes, blades, needles), stone items of work and life (Mesolithic epoch), ceramic ware (Neolithic), bronze tools (Bronze age), grave stones (Iron age). Ethnographic collection relates to Moldavian people culture (national clothes, carpets).
The Museum of the Sun is located in Akademgorodok. It is the only museum in Russia dedicated to the Sun. There are about 400 exhibits there. Most part of the exhibits relates to the technique of carving. In addition, among the exhibits of the museum you can find illustrated images of the Solar system, images, dedicated to the Sun-Gods, the symbolism of the Sun in the image, represented on the cave paintings of the ancient people, craftsmen, working in applied creativity, connected with the Sun and solar theme.
The Geological Museum. You can see here many valuable exhibits of various mountain breed: ore, minerals and valuable (according to scientific plan) organic debris. Collection of the minerals has about 710 instances, among them: synthetic minerals, large crystals of danburite, breed of meteorite origin, Siberian color stones (marble, jade, agate, charoite, etc.). The Museum has also the exhibition of ornamental stone items, mosaic pictures and stone carving.
The Siberian Botanical Garden was founded in 1946. There are hundred species of evergreen tropical and subtropical plants there. All plants are located in two greenhouses (winter garden). In spring and summer, territorial garden situated under open sky: a continuously flowering garden, arboretum, stone garden and bonsai-garden.
Novosibirsk Museum of Railway Equipment is a part of the West-Siberian Railway. It operates from August 2000. The length of the museum expositions is nearly 3 kilometers. You can learn a lot about rail transport of Russia. Among the exhibits, there are ancient and modern trains, such as a steam, diesel and electric locomotives from the beginning of ХХ century to the present day. Everyone can watch the exhibits of the oldest wagons and cab locomotive (special vehicles - steam stagecoach) inside.

The Park Wood hotel is located in the heart of Akademgorodok. So, you can get acquainted with the town right from the threshold of the Hotel at once. Our highly qualified staff with great pleasure will share with you their deep knowledge about their native town.